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Torta del casar

Perhaps the least visited and least populous region of Spain. Austere homeland of many of the conquistadors who conquered South America, bordered by the Gredos in the north and the Sierra Aracena in the south. The black pigssheep and goats of the area contribute to produce such as cured ham, chorizo sausages and all pork products. Also look for mushrooms, chestnuts, aspargagus, paprika, cherries and acorn liquers. Cork oaks are common in the dehesas Dehesa, Extremadura photo, providing food for free range pigs and bark for wine stoppers. 
The monastry at Guadalupe,Guadalupe photos a centre of gastronomy in the times of the conquistadors, is credited with the invention of both the omelet (tortilla cartujana) and consomme (consumo). The consomme recipe is said to have been stolen by the French in the Napoleonic wars. Merida has major Roman remainsZafra photos, Zafra Zafra photosis a small town with a charming double plaza. Also see PlasenciaZafra photos and Trujillo Zafra photos, bithplace of Pizarro. 
The old walled city of Cacares Cacares photosshould be on any itinary. As should "Atrio" in the new town, (Gourmetour restaurant of the year 2006). The Parador has a good restaurant, as does "Torre de Sande" Cacares photosnearbye, (tapas; hare with beans (judias con liebre) was good, indoor and patio restaurants). 
Extremadura is most easily seen by a car tour between the paradors of the region, public transport being fairly sparse and the roads quiet. Birdwatching for eagles and vultures along the road can be rewarding.

Frite is lamb cooked in paprika.
Migas is fried breadcrumbs.
Morros is the pork fat next to the skin in tomato sauce. Served hot it was delicious if not health food!
Hornazo is a bread crust pie filled with various types of pork.Cacares photos
Cachuela Extremeña, a coarse cut spicy pate.


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