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Birdwatching in Spain
Spain is a large and diverse peninsula, often quite sparsely populated. It is well worth keeping a casual lookout for interesting birds as species such as stork, vulture and eagle which are commonplace in many areas and easily seen. In autumn we have seen spectacular numbers of birds of prey massing on the south coast waiting for good weather to fly to Africa. On a beach on Lanzarote we have sat on a (naturist) beach and watched Osprey fish! 
Extremadura has two of the best places to see eagles and vultures, Salto del Gitanowatch video and La Tajadilla on the Rio Tajo in the Monfrague natural park.
There are a number of good wetland areas, such as the famous Coto DonañaDonana photo, Mallorca's Albufera marsh next to the holiday developments of Alcudia and less well known places such as Tablas de Daimiel. or Cañón del Río Lobos . Las Lagunas de Villafáfila (south of Benavente) has a reserve with an interpretation centre and hides, geese and ducks can be seen from the many "camino rurals" in the area but the highspot are the Great Bustards that can be seen with a telescope from the roads and tracks just to the north of the main lagoon.photosphotos
Laguna de Gallocanta photoswatch video (to the east of Madrid in Aragon) is the winter home of 10,000+ cranes with another 20,000 passing through during migrations.  Parque Nacional Cabañeros (SW of Toledo) looks as if it will be good for storks and a brief recce in August rewarded us with close views of a Harrier.

Gallocanta with cranes and a single flamingo in stills and video:-


Vultures and Great Bustards with other bird stills - (Monfrague, Villafafila and Canon Del Rio Lobos):-

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Where to watch birds - Northern and eastern Spain 
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