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Gallocanta is a saline lake near the ancient town of Daroca photos daroca.  From November each year it is temporary home to thousands of cranes, (which soon start to partly disperse to the cork oak woods of Extremadura until they regruop in February). There is an interpretation centre at the south-east end of the lake and a new centre on the edge of the village of Gallocanta (NW). From the latter centre you can follow an "itinerary" route marked by green finger posts (2009). The first three hides and the Ermita (after the first hide) are on good dirt tracks, beyond the third hide a 4x4 would be ideal as there is a rocky small hill and the odd dip or big puddle to contend with. When snow and heavy rain come it may be more difficult. The first hide (which has shielding bushes round its parking area) and the third hide were the best on our visit. There is also an elevated hide on the west side accessed by the track in Las Cuertas the passes the water tap (not the Ermita track) or from continuing the original track from Gallocanta village. This track can also be followed into Bello, but it does cross a steep dip for a ditch which a non 4x4 might not like.
The cranes are quite shy but can be approached to within 100 metres in a vehicle.

Accommodation in Daroca
Posada del Almudi
photos daroca<website> off the main street, on the right immediately after the fountain if descending. The hotel is on both sides of the street, one side holding the bar and restaurant, parking and some rooms with balconies and on the other side modern rooms including a couple with small inset roof terraces on the top floor.
Cien Balconesphotos daroca  <website> on the main street, on the right if descending.

Accomodation at the laguna:-
Allucant website

Amigos de Gallocanta website

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