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  Navarre is probably best known for Pamplona and the annual running of the bulls during San Fermin. But beef in my opinion isn't the highlight of Navarran cooking, I would emphasise the vegetables, often first  encountered in "Menestre", vegetable stew or "Pimientos de Piquillo Rellenos", stuffed red peppers.
Although the influences of central Spain  (and France) will be present in the form of suckling pig,  lamb, and duck, Navarre is Basque in character and the traveler can expect to find "bacalao" salt cod, sold from specialist shops, as well as Hake, Sidra and Txacoli. Also look for sheeps cheese from the mountains and duck including pate and smoked duck "ham", which I find excellent.
Aragon was the birthplace of Ferdinand, who with Isabella, led the reconquest of Spain. He was born in Sos del Rey Catolico  Aragonese cooking is often hearty and like Navarre and La Rioja "al chilindron" (cooked with red (bell) peppers) is popular. Expect lamb and rabbit, trout, salmon and candied fruit.

"Pimientos de Piquillo Rellenos"
The excellent red peppers of the region can be stuffed with many things (mushrooms,  salt cod, crab, spinach or eggs )
This is my personal "take" on stuffed peppers.
(If you have a tin of small Navarre roast red peppers omit the first stage and the rice)
Coat ripe red peppers in olive oil and roast slowly in oven until wrinkled. Allow to cool in a plastic bag to loosen the skin. Remove skin and pull out stalk and the seeds.
Boil up a piece of old serrano ham and mince. (reserve water).
Fry a little minced beef and onions in olive oil adding a ground nora [1] and the minced ham
Cook half a cup of Spanish Valencia water in the ham water and mix in with other ingredients.
Stuff the peppers with the mixture and reheat in oven. Optionally serve with a sauce made from pureed pepper. 
[1] Nora, small dried fairly hot peppers. Substitute half a mild chilli without seeds.

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