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The Canary Islands - Los Canarios 
The cuisine of the Canary Islands are much effected by tourism and of course mainland Spanish food. However, two things stand out as being typicaly Canarian. Mojo sauce and Canarian potatoes.

Papas Arrugadas - new potatoes cooked in sea water and then baked. These "wrinkly" potatoes taste wonderful.
Salsa Mojo - comes in two basic types, red and green. The red goes well with the potatoes while the green goes very well with fish. They are made with vinegar, a lot of garlic and oil, flavoured with red or green peppers.
A typical Canarian meal could be a local fish split open and cooked "a la plancha" served with Canarian potatoes and green mojo (mo-ho) sauce, preceded by a salad including bananas, coriander leaves and avocado, as well as the usual tomatoes and green salad (lettuce may be replaced by thinly sliced cabbage in the hotter islands).
"Almogrote" is a hard cheese & garlic preparation, eaten with bread.
"Gofio" a grain meal that replaced bread for the pre Spanish natives.
"Puchero Canario" hearty chick pea vegetable stew.
"Bienmesabe" almond cream.

Look for rabbit, goat and goat's cheese, bananas, avocado, papaya, cigars (La Palma), rum.
I prefer the red wines to the whites, Vina Norte on Tenerife is my personal choice. You may find "Vino de Tea" matured in teawood, with a resinous finish.

By the way, the islands and the bird (and arguably I suppose Canary Wharf too!) are named after the dogs of the islands (canines), not the other way round.

"Mojos Canarion"

Papas arrugadas con salsa mojo
Place medium red potatoes in a pan with 1/3 cup of salt and cook for 30-40 minutes. drain off the water, rinse off any excess salt and return potatoes to the heat until they are dry.Coat with sauce.
Red mojo sauce or (salsa mojo picon)
(No two recipes seem to be the same for mojo sauces but these are fairly typical)
Olive oil or Sunflower oil and a little wine vinegar plus lots of garlic, red pepper, a chilli or two and a pinch of cumin and some whole cumin seeds, all pounded together in a mortar. Thicken with a little hard white bread as required. 
In the Canaries a local "saffron" (azafran del pais) is used but if you have access to this it will be easier to buy the sauce in a bottle !
Green Mojo Sauce (salsa mojo verde or salsa verde picante)
Oil, wine vinegar, green pepper, garlic, finely chopped parsley and coriander leaves.Include avocado for a creanier sauce.This time don't add any breadcrumbs as this is a thin sauce for fish.
Carrot sauce (mojo de zanahoria Canarion)
Oil, garlic, paprika,salt, vinegar, carrot (pureed) and thyme or other herbs
I had this sauce in an excellent Valentine's day gala meal at the parador up in the old crater on Tenerife.
Corazon de solomillo San Valentin - Parador de Turismo de las Canadas del Teide
Slice open a piece of centre fillet steak to make a "book". Fill the book with carrot mojo, dip the whole thing in beaten egg and just show it to the frying-pan (both sides !). Serve with a boiled potato or some asparagus.

Restaurant ideas

Fuerteventura: Corraleco harbour and several in El Cotillo
Lanzarote: good selection behind the beach at Puerto del Carmen.
Tenerife: Las Gellatas. Santa Cruz: Hotel Mencey, Gom nearbye.
Gran Canaria, Las Palmas: Madras (modern) Hotel Santa Catalina.
El Hierro and La Gomera: Paradors

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