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Fellwalker homecookery books Tortilla Espagnol (Spanish potato omelette) - the classic tapa
Although common, the tortilla is easy to make badly. First soften enough potato slices to almost fill your pan (in olive oil) and then do the same for a chopped onion , remove both to a bowl and set aside. Make sure the oil in the pan is completely free of food debris to avoid sticking and heat the oil fiercely. Meanwhile break 5 or 6 eggs into the potato, onion mixture, mixing in well. When the oil begins to smoke, not before, pour the mixture in and reduce the heat. Once one side is cooked put the lid on the pan, invert over the sink, and quickly tip the tortilla into the lid. Then slide the turned tortilla back off the lid into the pan to cook the second side. Slide out of the pan onto a serving plate to eat hot or cold after cutting into segments.
The pan
To make a tortilla you need a frying pan with lid that has a smooth lip on both that will not damage it when you slide it across. The alternative is to toss it, skilful and dangerous.
To avoid burns wear two oven gloves when turning, and watch that the oil does not catch fire.

There are many variations on this classic, adding vegetables such as garlic, ham or chorizo to the mix (country style "paisana"), topping with roast red pepper or serving in a roll, but this original is the most commonly seen and in my opinion is the best.

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