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AA map El Hierro 
The map describes routes as metalled roads, "forestals" (jeep tracks) or steep hiking paths, unfortunatly some are mis-categorised.
Discrepancies and additional information by map section
A The north-south route is metalled
A The lighthouse track is unsurfaced
A The unmarked route to the Meridian monument near Puenta del Barbuda is off the lighthouse route (west) strictly all terrain vehicles only.
B The routes to the El Sabinar trees and Rincon de la Cerca marked as hiking trails are unsurfaced roads passable by cars with care.
C Piedra del Rey. The hiking trail is a jeep track
D Pista de Derrabada is a jeep track
E Pico de Malpaso The approach paths are jeep tracks.
E Mercedel The approach is jeep track all the way.
C-F The east-west Pista Forestal del Juan is metalled.
G Arbol Santo The path north and south is a jeep track.
H Las Salinas The route is a jeep track.

There is now a tunnel connecting Las Puntas to the northern road to the capital at Tesbabo.

AA Island Map - El Hierro 1:30000