(There are also racciones)


The tapas menu of "El Gallo Azul" (Aug.2002)


Courgette Rotena style stuffed with spidercrab
Mushrooms stuffed with ham & pate
Potatoes stuffed with pork
Grilled anchovy fillets with cream of roast garlic
Squid & prawn "meatballs"
Hake stuffed with salmon in a prawn sauce
Small "hamburger" of monkfish & langostine in a pepper sauce
Duck in sweet sherry
Stuffed loin of lamb
Fried cheese and leeks
Peppers stuffed with wild mushrooms
Cheese and salmon mousse on toast
Scorpionfish mousse with dill mayonaisse
Seafood salad toast
Salt cod and fried pepper toast
Pate and Iberico ham toast
Pepper stuffed with tuna in tomato sauce
Octopus kebab
Artichoke & langostine kebab
Anchovy & black olive kebab
Navarre sausage & pepper kebab