The old part of town is strewn with straw, performances and demonstrations of old skills take place in the square and restaurants sell empanadas and octopus from street stalls while many groups of friends organise street banquets which might end with a bowl of Queimada.

Queimada - recipe

Queimada is made by burning aguardiente with sugar, fruit and/or coffee beans. You may want to recite this speech as you prepare it for your friends at the end of a Galician meal, remember to have someone play the bagpipes! To make the Quiemada, place a bottle of aguadiente in a bowl with three tablespoons of sugar , fruit and coffee beans. Place some sugar in a ladle with aguadiente and ignite it, when the sugar is caramalised, lower it into the bowl, igniting the rest of the aquardiente, when it has burned enough for you, cover to put out.


Conxuro (Conspiracy)

All owls, toads and witches. 
Evil demons and devils, spirits of the snowy fields. 
Crows, salamanders and sorceresses, spells of witch-doctors. 
Reeds, rotten and full of holes,  lair of worms and vermin. 
Fire of souls in torment, the evil eye, black spells, the smell of the dead, thunder and lightning. 
Dog's bark, portents of death; satyr's snout and rabbits foot.
The sinful tongue of the old man's harridan wife. 
Hell of Satan and Beelzebub, fire of burning corpses, wretched mutilated bodies, farts from infernal arses, the roar of the raging sea. 
Barren womb of the unmarried woman, catawalling cats on heat and the mangy and filthy hair of the ill-begotten goat. 
With this ladle I will raise the flames of this hell-fire, and the witches will flee on their broomsticks, to bathe on the rocky shore. 
Hear, hear! The howls of those who burn in the aguardiente and thereby purify themselves. 
And when this brew runs down our throats, we will be free of all the sins of our soul and of all witchcraft. 
Forces of air, earth, sea and fire, I make this call to you: if it be true that you have more power then man, here and now, make the spirits of the friends who have departed share this queimada with us.