El Hierro

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The zero meridian monument. (you must now walk the last 20 minutes from the lighthouse track) and (right) the landing stage beyond the lighthouse.
The beach at Punta del Verodal
El Sabinar
El Hierro roadMirador de Bascos. (Rincon de la Cerca) and the northern descent road towards Golfio.
Pico de Malpaso.
The marime reserve area on the south coast from near El Caldereton.

The smallest hotel in "Europe", and one of the most westerly, at Punta Grande. The hotel has four rooms and a restaurant.
walkRestaurant at Mirador de la Virgin de la Peña.
Mirador de Las Playas Almond blossom and Mirador de Las Playas.
Mirador de Las Playas Mirador de Las PlayaswalkMirador de Isora and the path down
Roque de la Bonanza (Parador in background). 
Sunrise Las Playas.
walkNorth of Arbol Santo and (right) on the dirt road through the central mountains. 

The north west coast is exposed to the Atlantic swell. to make swimming possible a number of semi artificial sea pools have been built in the lava, protecting swimmers from the breaking waves. Charco Manso (left) and Pozo de las Calcosas (right), the thatched houses of the lower village are reached by footpath only.
mirador de las playas walkwalkwalkwalkwalk

Walk from Mirador del las Playas towards Mirador de Isora.
mirador de las playas walkwalkwalkwalkwalkwalk
camino Jinama walkCamino Jinama