Hotel Grand Domine

Buenas nochesBuenas NochesWe so liked the Domine so much I took photos and present them here. It's a very modern hotel, with a stylish restaurant "Beltz the Black". The staff are very helpful (which is to be expected) and friendly (which isn't always so in expensive hotels). I suggest to make a visit to the Guggenheim rather special a penthouse here (balcony overlooking museum) would be nice but expensive. The bathroom design is innovative, with a blind inside the double glazed window looking onto the bedroom.
If booking a standard room I suggest enquiring after a Guggenheim view. (The room featured here is a top floor penthouse suite).  The roof terrace and breakfast bar have a similar view of the museum.
I should also point out that at the time of writing some of the land around the Guggenheim has yet to be landscaped.
August 2003

Public rooms
The Sofa
The Bar "Splash and Crash" 
The Staircase
 The Roof terrace 
The Foyer
 The Lift 


The Room 


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